E-Commerce integration

The MailChimp for WordPress Premium add-on plugin allows you to tightly integrate your WooCommerce store with MailChimp.

Import existing products, customers & orders

Our WooCommerce integration allows you to import all of your existing products, orders and customers into MailChimp. Any future changes will automatically be reflected in MailChimp.

Image of wizard to synchronize e-commerce products

Recover abandoned carts

Whenever one of your visitors adds a product to their cart, we’ll let MailChimp know about it. When the visitors abandons their cart without completing payment, you can send an email asking them to complete the purchase.

Abandoned cart email

Recommend products to your subscribers

Our plugin keeps all of your products and order in sync with MailChimp. Using data driven predictions, MailChimp can predict what your subscribers will want to buy next. This allows you to send your subscribers an email filled with product recommendations.

Recommended Products

Segment your MailChimp lists based on purchase activity

With all this data in MailChimp, you can set up various powerful list segments based on the purchases made by your subscribers.

List segments based on purchase data

Track campaign performance

If you enable e-commerce link tracking when sending out your MailChimp campaigns, you can see exactly how much revenue each of your email campaigns is generating. Our plugin will tell MailChimp what campaign your visitor came from whenever a new order is made.

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