We’re a fully distributed team, meaning that we’re working on our plugins from around the world!

In early 2013, our founder Danny was tired of having to reinvent the wheel every time he needed to add sign-up methods to a site.

That’s why he set out with a simple goal: build a powerful tool that makes adding the most effective sign-up methods to your WordPress powered site easy.

Now, almost 3 years later the MailChimp for WordPress plugin is running on nearly half a million sites. We’re super proud of that!

That said, we are well aware that software isn’t everything. Although we invest a huge amount of creative energy into developing MailChimp for WordPress, we also focus on making every interaction with us something to write home about.

Our Team

Interested in who’s behind the plugin? This is us!

Danny van Kooten

Founder & Developer

At age 14, Danny programmed a Pythagoras solver that became very popular at his local high school.

Two years later, he developed a bot program for a game called Runescape that sold well over 1000 copies. That’s when he got hooked on building products that help other people accomplish what they want.

In his spare time, Danny likes to enjoy great food, read books or drive a motorcycle.


Ines van Essen

The Mother of Code

This is Ines; a mother of two adorable kiddo’s, a bit of a BBQ fanatic and Harry Potter freak. But most of all, she loves WordPress.

Most of her time is spent taking the best possible care of our users and doing various nerdy stuff. Chances are that if you’ve emailed with us – it was Ines providing you the answer to your question.


Harish Chouhan

Support Superhero

Harish is awesome, but Danny thought he should write a little more than just that. He is working alongside Ines, delivering happiness to your inboxes at an incredible speed.

With Harish’ eye for detail, nothing goes unnoticed.