This page is meant as a demo page, showcasing the possibilities and immense flexibility of the MailChimp for WordPress plugin.

All of the forms have double opt-in enabled so as long as you don’t confirm your email address you won’t get subscribed to our list. No worries!

#1: Basic sign-up form

A basic form, asking for your name and email. It does not require a page reload and shows a nice personalised message on success.

#2: Some additional fields + Captcha

This form contains some more fields and additional styling customisations. Now, with the plugin you can choose to have the code for your fields automatically generated but you retain complete control over the mark-up.

You can include any help text or custom element in your forms.

Radio interest groups, you decide!

Including a Captcha field in your forms is easy.

Time limit is exhausted. Please reload CAPTCHA.

#3: Unsubscribe form with a custom loading text

Believe it or not, but your unsubscribe form is a pretty important one. Wouldn’t it be great if you could handle unsubscribes from your site and offer the people who want to unsubscribe some alternatives?

Enter: the unsubscribe form.

There are many more combinations possible since every form can have its own individual settings. You can even use shortcodes in the form mark-up, for example to have your fields in columns.

The best thing: all settings are optional, keeping things simple for you and your clients.