This morning, we released version 1.2 of our MailChimp Top Bar plugin. Here’s what’s included:

Auto-hide bar after successful sign-ups.

We love this new feature as it improves the experience for your subscribing visitors.

After someone subscribes to your MailChimp list using the bar, it will now automatically dismiss using a sliding animation. The bar will default to being hidden on consecutive page loads. You don’t need to do anything (besides updating) to get this to work on your site.


Filters & action hooks for the adventurous

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for the possibility to add a “name” field to the sign-up bar.

We have definitely not forgotten about this and have already been working on it – but as we value long-term quality over short-term fixes we are not yet able to release this to the world.

However, as of todays update, you can do it yourself by utilising a few lines of code. Here’s how: Adding a name field to MailChimp Top Bar.

We need your reviews!

Despite being used on well over 3.000 sites, we have only received 9 reviews for our MailChimp Top Bar on

Please help us by leaving your review of the plugin – it only takes a minute and would make us very happy!

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